We clean the register covers to remove cooking oil film, nicotine film and other dust-collecting substances.


We deep clean the source of the air supply including the blower, squirrel cage, coils, condensation pan and return supply.


The air ducts are then brush vacuumed clean with our exclusive, patented technology system.

Our Equipment

Rotobrush aiR+® Air Duct Cleaning System

The Rotobrush aiR+® air duct cleaning system is powerful, portable, and able to be run by a single tech. It’s a key element of our whole home air-quality and energy efficiency solutions.

Roto-Vision® Cideo Inspection System

The Roto-Vision® system allows both contractors and customers to see deep inside air duct systems during the cleaning process. The system helps air duct cleaning providers ensure a job well done and gain credibility with customers.

Our Services


We have the ability to incorporate the commercial, industrial, air duct cleaning needs of your project.


Experts with the skill to clean, repair, install & maintenance of all air duct products.


Specializing in air duct cleaning service, repair, backflow testing and much more.



We are a full-service air duct cleaning company.


Why do I need it?

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should my furnace be cleaned and inspected?
Both the Environmental Pollution Agency (EPA) and your furnace manufacturer recommend having your furnace cleaned and inspected annually. According to the EPA 'A buildup of .042 inches of dirt on a heating or cooling coil can result in a decrease in efficiency of 21%'.

How often should my air ducts be cleaned?
Neither the EPA nor the Center for Disease Control (CDC) offer any guidelines as to how often you should clean your air ducts. It is important to consider that neither of these two agencies recommend how often you should have your carpets, windows or furniture cleaned either. An honest and ethical duct cleaner will help you decide how often you should have your vents and coils cleaned based on; household size, pets, environment and individual health issues.

How often should I have my clothes dryer vent cleaned?
If you have a traditional sheet-metal dryer exhaust vent, you should inspect it about every 2-3 years depending on usage. If you have the cheap, flexible, corrugated plastic vent tube, you should replace it with metal duct work in an effort to prevent fires. The outside vent should be cleaned every year.

Does it really matter if my Heating and Air Conditioning System is dirty ot not?
Dirt build-up cannot be prevented and must be removed. Dirty inside a-coils filled with pet hair, construction debris and grime will greatly increase energy costs.Dirty or damaged fins on the outdoor condenser could be costing you money too. A dirty, non-maintained, heating and air conditioning system can easily increase electric costs by 20-30% annually and cause early equipment failure. A dirty heating and cooling system will also generate an average of $500 in repair bills over the first 5 years and rapidly escalate as time goes on.


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